• About Danny

    In The Beginning

    Danny comes from a 17-year-career in the music industry, having run his own labels, worked in production, worked in radio, and as an artist. He was regarded as one of the pioneers of the UK Breakbeat scene at the end of the 90s followed in the early noughties with a two year weekly residency on the leading UK Radio station Kiss 100 FM, serving up cutting edge dance music. He was considered the barometer of what was hot in Breakbeat and toured the World over. In 2006 Danny, along with his team and longterm business partner, developed the DM01 MIDI controller. This is where he got his taste for innovating on products... channelling that experience into music start-ups, digital marketing and online business development.

    In 2008 he developed Rivmixx.com – an online social site incorporating a magazine and price comparison platform for event tickets. In 2010 he moved onto Sub Bubble, a 360 music business model integrating management, two recording studios, a rehearsal room, warehouse space with a skate park, and a green wall for video shoots. His entrepreneurial streak means he is always working on new ideas and advising on products. Midway through 2010 he founded the Music Mind Exchange events with Paul and Jamie from The Zeitgeist Agency. Designed for senior management and decision makers across London, with the emphasis on bringing together online and offline music companies to increase collaboration, innovation and ROI.

    In 2012 he went to Last Second Tickets as Head of Digital; the company raised 1m in funding that same year, under the Markco Media Group, they were acquired by Monetise in 2014.


    Taking his entire product, management, partnering, global world view and entrepreneurial experience together, in March 2015 was when the FBA lightbulb switched on; after years of building out marketing channels he was able to bake in his first love of Conversion Optimisation and PPC into Amazon FBA. Not forgetting the amazing ability to scale with little cost outside of product.


    2016 & Beyond

    Danny had a packed year with dozens of presentations, 2 trips to Hong Kong, 1 trip to Canton, Pop up Events, Webinars, Podcasts, long form editorial for Webretailer.com and of course growing his Amazon business. He will build on this in 2017; he has lot's of interesting things planned... Watch this space!